Licks® Story

Amy Paris founded LICKS Pill-Free Solutions® after a car accident that left her Maltese-Pomeranian Dora with crippling anxiety. Veterinarians recommended Xanax® and Prozac® as a remedy for Dora’s anxiety, but Amy was not keen on the idea of giving her little angel harsh chemicals with negative side effects and low absorption rates.

Determined to find a natural solution to help Dora, Amy began experimenting. She researched ingredients and the best way to ensure maximum efficacy. Her findings led her to create a tasty, liquid delivery mechanism with up to a 98% absorption rate and a shelf life not dependent on refrigeration or preservatives. After many hours spent working with a team of respected veterinarians and food scientists to find the appropriate blend of all natural, North American sourced ingredients, the result is LICKS® Pill-Free Solutions® – easy to administer, fast acting, liquid and gummi supplements for dogs and cats.

Amy continues to work with pet parents throughout North America to find out what issues are keeping their beloved from living comfortably and carefree. Through these interactions, the LICKS® brand is ever expanding, and aims to find a natural solution for every pet ailment.