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Licks® Pill-Free Solutions Veterinarian Dr. Whitnee Patten

Licks Pill Free endorsed by vet Dr. Whitnee Patten
Dr. Whitnee Patten opened has opened four hospitals in Colorado.  She is well known for offering the highest quality medicine and compassionate care, and likes to focus on proactive and preventative wellness care for our four-legged family members to promote and foster the family-pet bond.

“LICKS® beneficial levels of active ingredients and patented formulation process make it my natural health solution of choice for my patients.”


Customer Testimonials

Jack Jack

JackJackLast night with the storms the Thundershirt didn’t even TOUCH Jack-Jack’s anxiety. Neither he nor I slept as he just sat next to me shaking and panting. When the storms hit again this morning, I came in, grabbed a packet of ZEN™ and he lapped it up. Within 10 minutes, he was calmly laying on his bed! He is now asleep, sans thundershirt, behind the counter. Amazing!! Thanks!

Katie Pottenger, Parker’s, a natural dog and cat market

Subie and Chevy


I received a couple samples of the Skin + Allergy from PetSmart. After just 2 of them, my females dry skin was gone! I couldn’t believe it! So of course I had to go buy the 30 use and also the Joint + Heart for my male who has been having hip issues. At 1 a day, everyday, it’s like he’s a whole new dog! I can’t believe it! Now I’m going to order the cat Urinary Tract online since I can’t find it locally. I wish it were cheaper but I’m more than willing to pay for such an awesome product!!

Kristin J


Licks glowing reviewOur 7 year old pug mix, Max, gets a bad skin irritation in the cold, winter months whereby his paws and chest get very red, and he is constantly licking and scratching himself. We have tried everything from creams to steroids and nothing seemed to work, not without side effects anyway.

I came across LICKS® Pill-Free® Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat so I thought I’d give it a try. I am so thankful that I decided to try the product because within a couple of weeks Max’s red paws and chest disappeared. Although he still licks his paws, he has stopped scratching and there are no side effects!

This truly is a miracle product! Thank you for helping our Pug and giving us peace of mind!

Randy & Max, Ontario, Canada


Licks Cat TestimonialMy senior male cat, Herman, was suffering from constant  urinary tract problems. Not only did LICKS® help with the one he had when we first started him on LICKS®, he has not had one since! The Vet had him on an almost constant regimen of antibiotics, which were wearing on his immune system and nearly impossible to get him to swallow. She also suggested changing his diet to a food with UT fighting ingredients – with my fickle cat this was never going to happen – since he will only eat one type of food. I am so happy to have found this product and not have had to change his regular diet in the process!

Stacy, Phoenix, Arizona


RubyMy bully suffers from skin allergies. I have tried everything, and she has been on way to many medications in her 7 years of life which never worked. I found LICKS Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat and all I have to say it “wow!” She loves it and her skin cleared up almost completely in only 2.5 weeks! I will never give my dog another pill again! I highly recommend this product!

Jasmine, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Jessica and Loki

licks great testimonialI am writing to Thank You for developing such a GREAT product! For the past 6 weeks, I have been using the Joint and Heart formula with my 11 year old German Shepherd, Loki. Loki is still a very active dog, and loves to take on new challenges. Recently, we have been working on learning mushing together. As an older dog, his joints are always a concern for me (especially with the strain of pulling), but he is much less stiff and more active than usual, even with the new exercise, thanks to your product!

Jessica & Loki, Chicago, Illinois


We tried out LICKS – calming stuff and it works wonderfully! We had a bunch of people over last night and Lucky actually fell asleep on the couch and we gave her a pillow and blanket! She was more than ‘Zen.’



My cat, Sebastian, started throwing up over a month ago when shedding season started. I received a couple samples of LICKS® Hairball at a trade show and decided to try it with him. He, literally, has not thrown up since. After the first two days of usage I purchased the 30 pack from the store and although he is still constantly grooming, he hasn’t thrown up for over a month! Unbelievable!

Kelly, Denver, Colorado


I’ve been giving Licks ElderDog to Roxy, my shepherd mix, for one week and there is a considerable difference in her running and recovery time. I will be purchasing this product to give to her every day. It’s easy to administer and cost effective and smells pretty good too!

Monika, Ontario, Canada

Puppies and Zen

Experiment successful! 6 puppies, 7.5 weeks old. LICKS Zen given 15 minutes prior to car ride. They were total angels at the eye doctor. Hardly any whining in the car, slept through their time at the clinic and slept on the way home 🙂 Yay for LICKS!

Brandy, Veterinarian Practice Manager


I am truly impressed with how well Max does on the Multi-Vitamin. His eyes are clear his ears are clear, he is not shedding as much and he has an overall appearance of a healthy pug!! Thank you so much for this product! I am spreading the word and will be doing a review for you guys for sure. I know I cannot be the only pet parent who has a dog that can’t eat anything but one protein and brown rice. This is literally a life saver in my situation.
Thanks so much!!

Max and Tiffiny

Back to His Old Self

I have a 15 year old, 100 pound lab. Just recently his walking has really started to suffer. He was put on one medicine but it is starting to effect his kidneys, then they switched meds and he literally couldn’t walk at all.

I started him on LICKS Joint + Heart and he is doing a million times better! My husband had started to talk about maybe having to put him down if he got worse. Now we are 2 days off medicine and we are seeing a huge difference in him..

He’s pulling me for a walk and so it’s so much easier to get up and down the stairs. Thanks so much for helping me get my dog back to his old self!



I tried Zen out on some very aggressive shelter dogs. We had tremendous success! It made one particular dog, Pearl, like butter in our hands. She’s usually very aggressive and very unpredictable towards dogs, people, etc. She was the sweetest dog and very good with other people.

Jo Ellen, Anderson Township Family Pet Center


Your product has meant the world to my family, as my eight-year old Shiba Inu X developed a total fear of just about everything that made noise (storms, other animals, tools, vacuum cleaners, etc). I had the vet check him out without any diagnosis, but of course, numerous other tests could be ordered… Instead, I found your LICKS Zen product at PetSmart and after a few weeks on the product, he is almost back to his old self.